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Show Starts December 1st and runs through New Years Eve

Sun - Thurs 5pm to 10pm Fri -Sat 5pm to 11pm

Christmas Cookies

Please check us out for an amazing display of Syncronized Christmas Lights to music.

Who Are We

We are the Wendowski family. Just your average hard working neighbor 11 months of the year. However come the end of the year we dedicate our time and lets be honest money to put on an amazing Christmas Light show for our friends/neighbors to enjoy.  This year for 2023 is our 5th annual light show and we will be collecting food and goods for the less fortunate. Please do what you can to bring a non-perishable with you.

I am an Electrical engineer by trade and an electronics and computer nerd 100%. This gives me an outlet for both of my passions and the ability to combine it with our families love for Christmas.

This year its 2023 and we have added full show control from your cellphone, we also added a Angel wing selfie station with interactive buttons to choose your color background.  We have also added roughly another 5,000 pixels, multiple new props along with an additional screen.

For 2022 we have added well over 10K lights, a bunch of new props and a little interaction to the show. We hope our time and dedication helps bring you joy and remember we accept Canned and non-perishable goods for donation at all times. 

For 2020 we added many more props to the roof, new presents, completely different singing faces and some other things we are saving for a surprise. This year we are at 117,879 individually controlled lights which equates to 353,637 channels that we need to control. In 2021 we moved to our new location on Arthur Drive and were unable to do a show.

We hope this Free light show makes your Christmas season a little bit more stress free. Pull up to a spot, tune your radio to 91.9FM at a respectable volume and relax and watch the show. 

Where are we at?

Edgewater Park Lights

413 S. Arthur Dr.

Edgewater Park, NJ 08010

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